Peace Journey 70

A journey by bicycle through Japan in search of Peace


Welcome To Peace Journey 70

(English text below.)





これらのすべての事が私に尋ねます: 「平和とは本当はどんな意味ですか?」





Welcome to Peace Journey 70.

This is the first of a series of blogs and video about a journey in search of peace.

During my previous 5 annual grand bicycle tours of Japan I’ve come across many places with “peace” in them. Parks, museums, bells, gardens, towers and even sculptures.

The Constitution of Japan even has a peace clause – Clause 9. This year is the 70th anniversary and this bicycle journey is to acknowledge that fact. 

There are organisations built on peace – one could say the United Nations and UNESCO are the ultimate peace bodies. I am a member of the Christchurch Chapter of the World Peace Bell Association, based in Tokyo. 

There are many different forms of peace – international, national, regional. Is one region or country’s concept of peace the same as another? 

And what about personal peace – one’s inner feelings? 

All this has caused me to ask: ‘what does “peace” actually mean?’. I have an idea, but is it correct? Is my idea of peace the same as that of the next person? As I don’t consider myself a peace activist nor an expert, how would I know? 

During this journey I will try find answers by visiting significant historical sites and talking to ordinary people. 

In the coming 12 weeks a lot of preparation is required. A lot of preparation has already been done. The physical part of the bicycle journey begins on 8th May 2017. It goes for 12 weeks. 

Please join me on this journey of discovery! 

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